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Book Report: Omega Minor (Paul Verhaeghen)

I picked this up in the Translated Lit section of Talking Leaves for two reasons.   The first is that it was the thickest book in my line of sight, and I like my big books.  The top right area of the immense book-shelf grid that takes up the left wall of my living room is easy to reach from my armchair and consequently houses those of the books I tend to want to reach for the most that haven’t been lent out to [forced upon] various friends.  A lot of these  are pretty thick – Infinite Jest, Life and Fate, Anathem, et cetera.  The to-read pile on the table by my chair includes a few more “books that you could use to build a house,” and up until I read it this was the housiest of them all.

Photo 49

The second reason is that I’d just watched both Robocop and Basic Instinct… which were of course directed by Paul Verhoeven.

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